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Patricia Stine, an emerging artist lives and works in Fairfield, California. She paints in a contemporary and realistic stye with oils on canvas. Her work explores emotions, the figure, the human spirit, solitude and glimpses of life's comical thoughts and observations.

Stine graduated with a Master's degree in psychology and three years postgraduate program in Behavior Analysis. She left the field of psychology in 2020 to paint full time. She has painted most of her life. Additionally, Patricia Stine trained under the 'guru shishya parampara' for thirteen years in Concord, California, studying oil painting under Indian Master Painter, Dipak Bhatt. Her paintings integrate harmonious colors and images that reflect inner translationsa and projections of her psychological feelings and observations of life. To share laughter and warmth as well as thoughts, through her art, with international viewers, remains the artist's goal.

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